3D ToWer SIMulator

3D TWR-SIM - 3D ToWer SIMulator - is an air traffic simulator developed by Vitrociset, based on the ATRES (Air Traffic Environment Simulator) engine.
This simulator can create a totally immersive reproduction of the view from an airport control tower, enabling air traffic controllers to be trained in a highly realistic simulated scenario, and instructors to test the ability of the student in standard, complex and unconventional scenarios (e.g. faults, aircraft fires, SAR procedures, adverse weather conditions and visibility).

The 3D-TWR-SIM simulates aircraft during take-off and landing and the movement of all vehicles in the airport area. Integration with a High-Fidelity Dolby Surround 5.1 audio system, driven by a software package specifically developed by Vitrociset, can make the surrounding environment even more realistic. This system is able to mimic the sounds heard in a real operational centre and is adjustable in direction and power.

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