A3IS - Anti Illegal Immigration Information System

The A3IS - Anti Illegal Immigration Information System – isresponsiblefor managing the activities planned by the Ministry of Interior tocombat and prevent the phenomenon of illegal immigration by sea.

A3IS consists of a series of operating modules for the collection,processing, distribution and analysis of data concerning all eventsconnected to illegal immigration. This information is collected by theCentral System both in automatic mode, through legacy systems belongingto Agencies/Commands that contribute to these activities, andby manual entry performed by the operators of the OperationsCoordinationRoom.

The system is composed of a series of peripheral systems located attheNavy Chief of Staff, the General Command of the Police Corp of theMinistry of Finance and the General Command of the Coast Guard, whosefunction is to acquire, filter, process and forward to the CentralSystem, for collection as needed, of the data on the landing eventsmanaged by them.

The use of adequate technological infrastructure dedicated tomonitoring and coordination of activities to combat illegal immigrationby sea establishes a continuous and constant flow of information in NRT(NearReal Time), between all bodies involved in the fight against thephenomenon,aiming to generate a common environment for monitoring and for theexchange of Information.

The synergy with other support systems for these combat activitiesmakes it possible to place all available data in a single A3ISdatabase, thusassisting consultation.

A3IS is both the naval unit that detects the event and the vessel thatis transporting the illegal immigrants. The Naval Unit shall inform theSMM through the chain of command and initiate the procedures formanagingthe event at sea. The competent authorities are warned in order toprepareto manage such an emergency. Immigration Office personnel and all thestaff involved, in turn, use A3IS to insert, update, view and searchforinformation related to the means institutions and persons involved inthe event.

The A3IS is composed of a Central System towards which converge thedata of interest to be analysed and processed, and a series ofperipheralsystems, located in different provinces of central and southern Italy,whose function is to capture, filter, process and forward the data ofinterest to the Central System. The Expert System and Decision Support

System make available a series of reports and statistics on thephenomenon, generated from a set of appropriately aggregated data.The A3IS supports the Institutions involved in the combating of illegalimmigration, helping them impede the illegal flow of immigrants toItaly and improving the security of the Italian coasts.

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