The ultimate pre-flight meteorological briefing system


Prepares and delivers to pilots more sophisticated pre-flight meteorological information.


  • Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Airports' briefing offices, airline companies
  • National Meteorological Services


  • One single system for distribution and display of all met information
  • Functions fitting precisely aviation requirements
  • Increasing productivity through automated processing of pre-flight documentation
  • Easy to use system interface with customization according to specific needs


  • Easy access to weather data (OPMET data, SIGWX charts, WINTEM charts, images)
  • Program flight files for automatic printout or on-the-fly printout
  • Display upon request any meteorological imagery from satellite or radar for live briefing session
  • TAF, METAR, SIGMET reports
  • Automatic Pre-flight documentation printing / dispatching
  • Real-time weather information in the vicinity of airport
  • Weather forecast along the route
  • Vertical cross-section along the route


Due to the recent breakthroughs in information technology, meteorological services are receiving more and more weather and aeronautical data from all over the world. Today’s main problem is how to use this huge flow of data in an easy and efficient way.

Integrated flight report visualization and production system:

  • Programming of flight files (meteorological data re quired for each flight)
  • Visualization and printout of pre-programmed flight files
  • Data visualization without pre-programming (visualization of OPMET data, visualization of WINTEM and SIGWX aeronautical meteorological charts and other parameters, visualization of satellite, radar, lightening images, etc., visualization of urgent messages)

Compliant with ICAO recommendations, aerometweb is a multilangual open system based on a modern technology (webservices, ...) allowing an easy data access for the third-party system.

Aerometweb is a web-based system for Met information including imagery display and weather briefings with flight-plan route information. This provides real-time, route-specific information to airline operations, staff and any civil or military aviation user. ATC briefing service: 

  • Increased efficiency due to reduced delays from hold and runway changes
  • Provides real-time and forecast weather directly into air traffic control centres enabling
  • Earlier responses to forecast weather conditions in the terminal control area
  • Increased airfield capacity through better mitigation of weather effects
  • Reduced reliance on information from pilots about the location and severity of convective cells in the terminal control area.

Flexible Web-based system from airport/airbase configuration up to nationwide service

The aerometweb system is web-based and is available for local configuration(intranet) or region/nationwide configuration to serve remote airports from Met Service HQ.

Weather data ingestion

Aerometweb can receive data from various sources (GTS, SADIS, ISCS, RETIM...)
Main data ingested are :

Image data

OPMET data

  • Satellite Infrared images
  • Satellite Visible images
  • Satellite Coloured composition images
  • Radar images
  • TAF

Chart data (BUFR or GRIB)

NWP Data

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Geopotential
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Visualization and chart search

For each chart type, users select:

  • The zone for which they requires data
  • The altitude or flight level
  • The validity

Displaying Vertical cross-sections for

Geopotential, Temperature, Humidity, Normal wind and Tangent wind parameters

Displaying urgent messages

  • Volcanic ash warning (FV)
  • Tropical cyclone warning (WT)
  • Aircraft Reports (UA)
  • Volcanic ash SIGMET (WV)
  • Tropical cyclone SIGMET (WC)
  • Aviation Area Forecast (FA)
  • T4 (FX) and/or SIGWX alpha message amendment
  • Service messages (NS)
  • MAA

Image display

  • Zoom, animation, superimposing of images,
  • Superimposing of chart contents and code selections (ICAO/ IATA / NAME of airports)
  • “Infrared” images
  • “Visible” images
  • “Coloured composition” images
  • “Radar” images


Simple but high-performance system based on Linux CentOS as for the server and Windows operating system as for the client


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