The core of the sensor is an aneroid capsule coupled with a magnet & coil transducer (similar to the one used on short period seismic sensor ZM500). A secondary coil wrapped around the main one ensures remote calibration capability. Two versions are proposed. One analog (MB3a) compatible with usual digitizers. The second one is digital (MB3d) embedding a very low consumption high performance ADC.


Output type


Output impedance

2 x 50 ohm


<< 0.0001 Hz - 70 Hz

Self noise

0.13 mPa/Hz @ 1 Hz

Nominal sensitivity

20 mV/Pa or 2.0 mV/Pa.s-1


<< ± 1000 Pa or << ± 10000 Pa.s-1

Physical Characteristics

Weight and Dimensions

H 13.6 cm, W 11 cm, Weight 3.0 Kg

Power Requirements

12 V DC (7-20V), Consumption: 100mW


Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Humidity: 100% (IP-67 with acoustic inlets sealed)
Temperature sensor : [-40°C ; +110°C]
Absolute pressure sensor [150 ; 1150] hPa

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