Ensuring the safety of life, the protection of property and the well-being of citizens, is the most important mission of a national weather service. Providing accurate forecasts and other meteorological products to support weather-sensitive economic sectors is another growing expectation. The common denominator? End-users.

MeteoFactory® is a unique system that allows national weather services putting end-users at the center of their preoccupations. Being able to deliver customized warnings and forecasts at the right moment and in the right form according to the type of end-user targeted, this is the promise made by MeteoFactory®.

Let MFI's PWS/EWS unique system take your service capacity one step higher.


  • Ingest raw weather data provided by other information systems (MeteoFactory® is compatible with other MFI's systems such as Synergie, Clisys or CIPS link) and process them with optional human validation.
  • Design and generate customized meteorological outputs such as weather alerts or business-oriented weather products.
  • Disseminate customized meteorological products in a timely manner, in the most adapted format and through the most suited channel according to the type of end-user you are targeting.

These are MeteoFactory®'s key functionalities. The system has many more. For further details, contact us.


  • An unrivalled PWS solution: MeteoFactory® is the only available solution on the market fully dedicated to all aspects of Public Weather Services, with automatic production.
  • A web-based architecture and a user-friendly interface: MeteoFactory® is a turnkey solution, easily accessible and functioning on a single web interface with rights management for all parties involved in the PWS process.
  • A unique product design toolbox: MeteoFactory® comes with a set of default templates created by professional graphic designers (fax, ready-to-print press formats, extranet...) but it also allows extensive product creation or customization.
  • A powerful production center and dissemination system that automatically generates finalized and high-quality products for all modern communication media (email, FTP, SMS, website, video...). The system is also equipped with an automatic scheduling server that delivers up-to-date information to subscribed end-users.
  • An integrated Early Warning Solution for the generation and the dissemination of weather alerts and warnings maps, fully compliant with WMO recommendations for meteorological and hydrological alerts (MHEWS). MeteoFactory® also includes a cyclone module.
  • A full set of support and transversal services: training, transfer of know-how from Météo-France (one of the world leaders in terms of EWS), market studies and product benchmarking. As a real turnkey operator, MFI goes beyond delivering an information system and works hand-in-hand with its customers to assist them enhancing their service capacity and their comprehension of the whole PWS philosophy.
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