• Processing of raw data
  • Reference GPS station for differential calculation
  • Data archiving on hard disk or another digital support
  • Real time data display listing and/or graphical Sonde programming interface
  • GPS repeater for indoor sonde initialization
  • Groundcheck system for T and U sensors

Real time data processing on a specific application such as :

  • Météo-France STAR computer
  • Editing of WMO(TEMP, PILOT, BUFR, STANAG...)
  • Data transmission through Ethernet network
  • WINSOWS 2000 OS workstation (Desktop or Laptop PC)
  • Rack normes GAM EG13
  • Auto tests with diagnostic display facilitating the maintenance
  • Omni directional antennas, easy handling and installation
  • Compatibility with former generation of GPSondes
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