Main function of the new SR10 upper-air radio sounding system consists in collecting P,T,U, and wind finding data measured and transmitted from a radiosonde during its flight through upper atmosphere layers

  • Digital processing of raw data
  • Reference GPS station for differential calculation
  • Data archiving on hard disk or any digital support
  • Real time Data display Listing and/or graphical
  • Automatic frequency setting through infrared communication link
  • GPS repeater for indoor initialization
  • Ground check system for pre-launch calibration of T and U sensors
  • Edition of WMO code messages (Temp, pilot, BUFR)
  • Data transmission through an Ethernet network
  • Desktop Workstation with Windows OS
  • Automatic Dual antenna system
  • Very light and compact receiver
  • Auto-tests with diagnostic display for easy maintenance
  • Omni directional antennas, easy handling and installation
  • Compatibility with former generation of GPSondes
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