SYNERGIE - The ultimate decision making tool for forecasting and warnings


Gather, visualize, interact, and add value to all meteorological data on a single workstation


Meteo France International has co-developed SYNERGIE with senior IT specialists and meteorologists from Météo-France (the French National Met Service).

This makes SYNERGIE the best fitted decision making tool for National Meteorological Services whatever their size and organization, from national headquarters to regional or specialized forecasting centers.

SYNERGIE includes dedicated functions for all forecasting positions:

  • General forecasting
  • Nowcasting and met support to specific events (sports ...)
  • Aviation Forecasting
  • Short, middle and long range forecasting
  • Marine forecasting
  • Forecasts for media
  • Training
  • Research
  • Early warnings
  • Military operations and mobile units

As SYNERGIE is a highly modular tool, it can also answer the specific needs of professionals from weather sensitive economic sectors such as agriculture, energy providers, as well as off-shore oil platforms.


Thanks to SYNERGIE...

  • Focus on weather expertise instead of losing time accessing data
  • Enhance and valorize your forecasting expertise with many types of data presentation
  • Share your expertise and transfer your know-how through high level macrocommands
  • Join a community of more than 1000 SYNERGIE users over the world
  • Take advantage of Météo-France’s continuous developments on SYNERGIE (15 operational versions released up to now and validated under demanding operational conditions)


SYNERGIE: A state-of-the-art powerful system

  • Prepare, save, replay your preferred weather animations and forecasting environment in one click
  • Browse, visualize and animate all available data intuitively with a minimum number of clicks
  • Prepare interactive forecasting training sessions with the Forecast Simulator
  • Develop Public Weather Services by plugging-in the MeteoFactory®’s MetEditor
  • Take advantage of multi-screens with a multi windows GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Use collaborative tools for coordinated graphical production of expertise data

Choose SYNERGIE, get more than a single forecasting system

  • Transfer of knowledge and best practices from a senior forecaster from Météo-France
  • Capacity building through tailored academic trainings in all fields of meteorology
  • Step-by-step assistance to transition until your teams come to grip with their systems
  • Integration of your SYNERGIE with your other meteorological information systems
  • Configuration of SYNERGIE positions according to aimed forecasting organizations


Access all meteorological data, interact in real time, and display relevant information in one click. Combine observations, satellite data, radar images, and model outputs to improve your nowcasting.

Atmospheric Numerical Weather Prediction models outputs visualization

  • Combine complex vertical cross-sections along any broken line and across any met pattern
  • Visualize air masses and cumulative rainfalls
  • Simulate your forecast vertical profiles
  • Process trend computation
  • Display trajectories
  • Overlay different models’ fields and compare models
  • Hovmoller diagram: vertical time section over one point

Upper-air observation data

  • Display at mouse roll over all received information into a descriptive gauge
  • Prepare and display multi personalized and conditional scorecards
  • Preset and display favourite profile triggers

Main specific interactive tools for visualization of satellite images

  • Create mosaic maps by assembling different consistent images
  • Compare your mosaic with regular superimposed composition, radar images and model outputs
  • Customize map rendering with advanced preset colour’s ranges (from Météo-France’s expertise)
  • Build high resolution satellite animations whatever your chosen zoom level

Optimize the impact of your radar information

  • Create mosaic maps by assembling different consistent images
  • Compare your mosaic with superimposed composition, model outputs and observation data
  • Create radar animations with accumulated rainfall images
  • Identify and monitor mountainside catchment areas and pouring basins
  • Handle manual and automatic advection for nowcasting purposes

Raw surface observation data

  • Plot your synoptic and non-synoptic data
  • Set thresholds and monitor alarms for customized points/areas
  • Display at mouse roll over all received information into a descriptive gauge
  • Prepare and display multi personalized and conditional scorecards
  • Preset favourite or risky locations to visualize specific weather conditions
  • Overlay model output, imagery, ...

NEW: Transform your SYNERGIE into a training tool with the FORECAST SIMULATOR

  • Allows constant dialog between lecturer and trainees during training practices
  • Access wiki based tutorials
  • Choose specific weather conditions such as severe convection from the archived data and install these data on all training workstations
  • Use specific macros
  • Evaluate and improve trainees’ forecasts via a remote access
  • Display training on a video projector anytime.
  • Simulate realtime conditions using archived data: Archive and replay all situations
  • Fits any meteorological training center including WMO RTCs (Regional Training Centers)


  • SYNERGIE associated with the METEOFACTORY® allows the forecaster from its usual working position to produce warnings, mass production and tailored end-users products for tourism, agriculture, marine, governmental services, and many others.
  • This state-of-the-art couple allows you to take the best and quickest advantage of the forecaster’s decision using the expertise input module (MetEditor) directly on the SYNERGIE workstation.

EXCLUSIVE: Oceanography configuration... Take your SYNERGIE undersea

  • Display BATHY messages from undersea sondes
  • Use specific oceanographic models outputs
  • Match time and geographic scale to oceanic world
  • Visualize specific parameters such as salinity, sea pressure, depth, sound speed,...

Make SYNERGIE the core of your information systems and create your forecasting center

Typical SYNERGIE solutions

A SYNERGIE pack includes:

  • Hardware and software
  • Meteorological data flows
  • Tailored NWP model runs
  • General or thematic training

Meteo France International proposes tailored SYNERGIE packs applied to specific operational needs:

  • Marine meteorology
  • Aero meteorology
  • Environment
  • Military operations
  • ...

EXCLUSIVE: Create your own Tropical Cyclone Warning Center

  • Qualification of cyclones
  • Import of cyclone tracks from various models
  • Computation of the mean track from various models
  • Interactive entry of characteristic points
  • Ability to modify trajectory according to forecaster’s expertise


Linux based software


The secret of our success is we are all working together.