The TitanEA is a strong motion Ethernet accelerograph specifically designed for networked deployments on (or in) large civil structures such as nuclear reactors, multi-story buildings, bridges and hydro-electric dams. The TitanEA features the Class “A” Titan triaxial force balance sensor.

The TitanEA features Precision Time Protocol or PTP Timing which provides timing accuracy of .001ms to all sensors within an array, without the need for individual GPS connectivity at hard to reach sensor locations.

Also unique to the TitanEA is the single CAT5 Ethernet connection providing power, timing and data streaming capability. Facilities owners will appreciate the low cost and ease of installation provided by the CAT5 cabling as compared to the more expensive and cumbersome analogue cables required of less sophisticated instrumentation.

Event statistics (PGA, PGV, PGD, Sa) for each TitanEA and all TitanEAs within an array are easily accessible with any web enabled device via the easily accessible events page resident within the GUI of each individual Accelerograph. This design eliminates the need for a central computer within an array and minimizes back-up power requirements and overall deployment costs.


  • Class "A" force balance sensor with industry leading dynamic range meets or exceeds the performance requirements of any local regulations for sensor specification.
  • Single CAT5 cabling requirement significantly reduces deployment costs and provides maximum flexibility for sensor placement within a structure.
  • PTP Timing (Precision Time Protocol) eliminates the need for GPS timing at each sensor, minimizing deployment costs and providing freedom of placement for sensors.
  • Every instrument is accessible from any device with a web browser, allowing seamless access to events and recorder data.
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