To receive, check and forward automatically, meteorological data and products according to the WMO standards.


All National Meteorological Serices including Regional Telecommunication Hubs (RTH)


Beating heart of your systems
The Automatic Message Switching System (AMSS) is the central element in a high technology meteorological environment, and the heart of meteorological telecommunication.

  • Interconnection of meteorological devices, share data product internaly and with the meteorological world.
  • Developped by Météo-France (Toulouse-RTH) to be easily configurable and upgradable
  • Designed to take into consideration future WMO standards and particularly WIS.


TRANSMET is fully compliant with all applicable protocols, procedures, regulations, and standards including WMO386.
TRANSMET is a reliable, upgradable solution operated daily since more than 10 years by several Regional Telecommunication Hubs (RTH) and major National Meteorological Services
TRANSMET manages 160 channels and switches more than 8 gigas of data a day, without any interuption since 1998 at Météo-France in Toulouse


Specific functionalities

  • Hot / Stand-by servers solution
  • WMO, special MTN & AGM monitorings
  • Automatic message answer and request
  • Fast and flexible conversion module (.pdf, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff,...)
  • Message editing tools with templates
  • Message retrieval and retransmission according to selected parameters (time, datatype, ...)
  • Access all system information such as transmitted messages, received messages, channels statistics, ...
  • Automatic feeding of climatological database, forecasting workstations, etc.
  • Mail facilities between TRANSMET users.

Reliability and performances

  • Linux combines power, relaibility and stability
  • In our technical headquarters, TRANSMET manages 160 channels and switches more than 8 gigas of data a day, without any interuption since 1998.

Proactive diagnostic and resolution

Unique system of dynamic reaction to exceptionnal system events

  • Self-diagnosing, self-monitoring hardware
  • Software monitoring and problem detection
  • Automatic reaction for solving failure.

System diagnostic

  • Automanagement, autoanalyse and autodiagnostic system
  • Automatical switch to security/clone system
  • UPS automatic diagnosis ability for electricity failure
  • Every error and reaction logged in files for complete analyse
  • On-line alarms

line diagnostic

  • TRANSMET checks communications and arranges rerouting of traffic in case of lines difficulties
  • Automatic message backed-up when destination can’t be reach, and reemission when line is on

Message diagnostic

  • All corrupted messages ared stored to be corrected with helpful indications for correction
  • Defines for each message the analysis method (header, syntaxic analyse, ...)

Online upgrade & maintenance

  • Designed to be configured and updated remotely by our support service
  • Designed to be upgraded and modified while system remains operational
  • Ability to add or delete lines without affecting current operations

Thanks to TRANSMET...

  • Expertise, design and deploy the reliable and secure solution you require.
  • Get state-of-the-art technology based meteorological solutions fully benefiting from the latest innovations.
  • Take advantage of a constantly improved system used by one of the largest RTH of the GTS.
  • Get a systems fully compliant with all applicable protocols, procedures, regulations, and standards including WMO 386 abbreviated heading reference table.
  • Make WIS (WMO Information System) a reality for your National Met Service.


Communication interfaces

  • Newly designed Web browser interface management
  • TRANSMET handles all kind of WMO data required by a National Met Service
  • TRANSMETsupports all kind of interfaces including:
    • Asynchronous lines (leased line, dial-up) at any standard speed
    • Telegraphic lines
    • TCP/IP FTP based communications (last WMO standards compliant)
    • TCP/IP socket based connections
    • AFTN/ICAO interface
    • Point-to-point X25 connections (PVC/SCV)
    • RETIM 2000, MDD, MSG, SADIS, ISCS satellite emission / reception
    • Automatic email, fax and printer connectivity
    • Easy interface to your own software development.


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