You cannot control the wind, but you can control what you get from it. Knowing the real wind conditions enables you to make the right decisions to extend the reliability and economical performance of your wind farm. The Wind Iris™ provides you with this knowledge and control.

Detect under performance

Fast turbine testing, proven IEC 61400-12-1 equivalent power curves without a mast – ideal for offshore.

Improve Annual Energy Production

Adjust control rules: yaw alignment, flow correction factors and wind sector management.

Make better informed O&M decisions

Plan, provision and determine your maintenance services by monitoring wind conditions.

Lidar technology, one step higher

The Wind Iris is based on Leosphere’s leading WINDCUBE® pulsed Lidar technology, and is the first remote sensor dedicated to turbine-mounted measurements. It measures the horizontal wind speed and direction from 40m to 400m upwind of the turbine. Real time and average data can then be transferred automatically or stored in a data logger.

Key Features

• 400m range with the accuracy of a class 1 anemometer
• High reliability design with no moving parts
• ½ day installation on any turbine
• Flexible Lidar modes for every site requirement
• Reduced power curve uncertainties without a mast

Believe you can and you are halfway there.