WINDCUBEv2 Offshore

The WINDCUBE® v2 Offshore is the most flexible and cost effective solution to measure accurately the wind components up to 200m on any offshore fixed platform. Specially dedicated to marine environment, it offers a highly reliable solution in complement or replacement to traditional masts.

Accurate, easy to deploy, and affordable equipment is needed to measure the wind on stable or moving platforms located several kilometers from the shore. Installations of offshore met mats on large and heavy platforms require large vessels, weeks of work by highly trained technicians and engineers, and calm sea conditions. This costs millions and is dramatically time consuming in a wind farm project. The reduction of capital costs required for assessing the wind resource offshore with high accuracy at modern hub heights has therefore become a critical challenge for the offshore wind industry. A LIDAR remote sensor integrated on a stable platform or buoy is the most cost effective and optimized solution currently available.


The following points shall be the key elements to remind

  • Ultra portable 200m wind profiler
  • Class 1 anemometer matched accuracy
  • Unmatched reliability & data availability
  • Backed by industry leaders


Range Min-Max 40 to 200 m Data Sampling rate 1s Number of measurement heights 12 Speed Accuracy 0.1 m/s Speed Range 0 to +60 m/s Direction Accuracy 2° Windcube power pack Fuel sells based energy source >90W Pressure, temperature, relative humidity PTH sensor Safety GPS Tracker Geofencing Windcube anywhere universal SAT* Satellite data transfer Windcube anywhere 3G* GSM/GPRS/3G data transfer *Windcube anywhere includes Secured web interface (https protocol) Remote control and real time display Automatic status alarm Full data management The WINDCUBEv2 OFFSHORE has been designed to resist in offshore conditions:

  • Salt atmosphere compliant IEC 60068-2-52
  • Marine markings
  • Anti-roosting bird spikes
  • Zinc coating protection
  • Marine protected wires
  • IP67 enclosures


Developed in cooperation with the French Aerospace agency (ONERA), the WINDCUBE™ is the result of 20 years of research and development. Its inventors have overcome major technological challenges to give birth to the new generation of wind Lidar systems.

Power supply 18-32 V DC or 100/230 V AC 50-60 Hz Power consumption 45 W ENVIRONMENTAL Temperature range -30°C to +45°C Operating humidity 0 to 100% RH Rain protection Wiper Housing classification IP 67 Shocks & vibration ISTA 3A/FEDEX Safety IEC/EN 60825-1 & CE compliant DIMENSIONS Size System : 543x552x540 mm Transport case : 685x745x685 mm Weight System : 45 kg Transport case : 30 kg DATA Data format ASCII / binary Data storage SSD and compact fash Data transfer USB/LAN


Data format ASCII Data storage SSD and compact flash (backup storage) Data transfer LAN/USB Standard WINDSOFT Software Configuration & control Real time display Diagnostic Output data 1s/10 min Horizontal & vertical wind speed Min & max, direction, SNR Quality factor (data availability) GPS coordinates

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